A New Dawn in Fantasy Fiction – Rêves Opoponax 69

“Rêves Opoponax (Dreams Opoponax) is a short story composed of sixty nine micro stories of exactly sixty nine words each. Following from the novel Opoponax Dreams, Rêves Opoponax brings back three characters and follows them on their journey of discovery of their new mission, to a backdrop of birdsong. Follow them as they cross the boundaries of life, time and space and discover a new world, through new eyes.”  – 69 words

Every section of Rêves Opoponax 69 consists of 69 words, from the title to the last story. Sixty nine stories flow together to create a paranormal story that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. The title of the opening story, “Rat Roast”, is a harbinger of things to come. We are taken on a very unusual ride through death, life beyond, time and dimensions as we step back into a famous tale of the killing of the 69. Follow the protagonists as they discover their mission to avenge the killing and stop the forces of evil before time runs out.

Mathematically precise, this is a story like no other, breaking new ground in fantasy fiction. Be among the first to experience the phenomenon.

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