The Greatness of the Small

The greatness and power of the small and mundane always fill me with awe. Life-changing moments can take mere seconds. Black swan events are rarely loud and heralded, but rather creep in softly, swiftly and silently, changing the world as they happen.

We constantly look for power in the great and can get so caught up in size and majesty that we completely overlook the power of the small.

This “greatness of the small” is captured and celebrated in Master of Song, one of the sixty-nine stories of sixty-nine words comprising Rêves Opoponax 69, excerpted below:

He was a master of melodies, this insignificant little forest creature. He was nothing to look at really, just a small grey bundle of feathers, bones and fluff.

As is often the case, beauty and mastery lie in the small. Excellence lies in the mundane. The great lies in the small.

His perfect song to the hawk was the sound of a dinner bell.

The master sings no more.


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