Embracing the Perfection of Imperfection

In our never-ending quest for the holy grail of perfection, are we failing to embrace the perfection we already possess in the form of imperfection?

What?? Yes, I know that’s a lot to take in at once, but we seem to be losing our grip on imperfection, and we’re all becoming ever less happy in the process.

What do I mean? I mean that the essence of true beauty often lies in the most imperfect things. Mannequins are “perfect” replicas of real people (meaning that they’re unblemished), but one look at a mannequin shows us that it’s the blemishes that make real people interesting. Characters in a story gain depth when they have flaws. Indeed, some of the most loved characters are the most seriously flawed, because the flaws make them relatable. In fact, imperfection is so ingrained in our reality that true perfection is more bland than beautiful to the eye of the beholder.

What if we were to stop condemning ourselves for failing to find our personal holy grails of perfection and to start a movement embracing the fact that we have already attained physical perfection just by being?  Can we realize that beauty lies not in having perfectly straight, white teeth in an unblemished face, but in having a warm and sincere smile?  Is a world in which people realize that “normal” means a curve where body sizes range from skinny to obese and everyone is fine as they are too much to hope for? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Well, it might be a bit too utopian, which just proves the point, for what is utopian but a state of perfection? Let’s embrace a state of imperfection and appreciate the handmade gifts and cards and sweaters made with love, instead of rushing out to buy a mass-produced item, enjoy a home-cooked meal instead of a frozen dinner or restaurant fare and do something, however small, to make someone else feel beautiful.

We have started a Yahoo group with the aim of helping people to feel a little more beautiful and injecting some positivity in the world: “Everything is Beautiful in its Time.” Feel free to stop in, join, read, contribute and help to make the world a better place.

Be blessed.


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