Dark Matter Cover

A Glitch In Time

I’m currently working on a novel that is a combined sequel to “Opoponax Dreams“/”Rêves Opoponax 69,” which are both fantasy and “Dark Matter,” which is hard science fiction. The focus of the new novel, “Nothing” is time travel, which is fundamental to the fantasy books and tangential to “Dark Matter.”

Dimensionality and stories that defy our assumptions of the unidirectional nature of time absolutely fascinate me. This is in large part due to an oft-repeated story in my mother’s family in which my then-young aunt went outside early one morning and found herself in a time-warp, where she was in the same place, but a much earlier time. The experience lasted mere minutes, but changed her life and quite possibly mine, and now I hope it helps to change yours a little bit too.

If you have a strange but true time warp story, please feel free to share it on the “A Glitch In Time” blog. I look forward to reading some fascinating accounts from others who’ve had similar experiences. Some will argue that these are the products of delusions and psychological problems, while others, the vastly more interesting ones in my opinion, will wonder, “Could there really be something going on here?” As far as I’m aware, my aunt has never had another paranormal experience and she’s fairly normal, so I’m squarely in the latter camp.

Truth is almost always stranger than fiction.


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