Mystery/Intrigue & Lighting Effects

Mystery & Lighting Effects

Today’s Photo 101 brief was “Mystery & Lighting Effects.” Oh joy. Mystery/intrigue are daunting. What’s mysterious or intriguing? How do you capture that without adopting a cliche?

Lucky for me, today was very rainy, which means lots of clouds touching the ground and diffuse light. I took the photo above at about midday. How did this once gorgeous tree lose its head? Mystery and intrigue and a strange light. Parfait.

Mystery, Intrigue & Lighting Effects

There’s no way I was going to miss a chance to toss a sheet (or armchair cover) on some poor victim’s head and stick a flashlight under his nose to see what mysterious and intriguing results such a hackneyed concept would produce. I waited all day for a volunteer and, I must confess, I’m quite pleased with the result.


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