Cut Stone WallIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

Walls serve many purposes. They hold up buildings. They secure privacy and keep out nosy neighbours. They keep secrets. They record history. They tell time.

I took this photo of a cut stone wall dappled in the sunlight that managed to pass through the thick foliage of a bougainvillea tree for Photo 101: Architecture & Monochrome, but used more suitably architectural photos for that assignment, so I was pleased to find the “Wall” photo challenge for my Blogging 101 assignment. One less picture wasted. Whew!

This wall is part of ancient and modern history. The stones themselves are as old as the earth, maybe, but each stone used in this wall may well have been hand-cut by a slave in the searing hot sun hundreds of years ago. The area is literally filled with cut stones, many of which have been re-purposed into more modern architectural elements such as this wall, sometimes at the expense of a historically significant ruin.

The ancient art of stone cutting is almost lost. The techniques have not been passed down through the last three or four generations, who much prefer “clean” office jobs and easy money to buy flashy gadgets to old-fashioned, low-paying, back breaking activities such as making cut stone walls. This wall was made over twenty years ago by a man who is now in his eighties and is the last of his kind. This wall is one of a few that literally are history in the making.

Psalm 122:7

Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.


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