Landscape & Feature: Featured Landscapes!

P05-23-13_09.26 P05-07-13_17.24

When I started the Photo 101 course, the moderator said, “The best camera is the one you have on you.” How true. I happened upon this beautiful landscape while walking the goats. The only camera I had on me was the one in my trusty old LG phone. It doesn’t take sharp pictures, but it does take pictures of things I need to capture on the go. Nothing ever stays the same,especially not landscapes, so that single fuzzy moment could be the only chance I ever get before the thing is lost to me forever.

Blogging 101 is just about finished. How the time has flown! My assignment is to create a feature so I’ve decided to share a gallery with little pictorial slices of life, be it my life or the lives of other beings I happen to encounter. I came up with a snappy name for the feature but lost it in the hectic, frenetic dash I call an afternoon. I’ll come up with something else, eventually.

Here’s today’s feature: Landscapes (aka killing two birds with one stone).


9 thoughts on “Landscape & Feature: Featured Landscapes!

    1. I used to have a Blackberry once in my old, harried, pressure-filled life. It stopped working and I haven’t replaced it yet. The phone I’m using now doesn’t have any smartphone features turned on. It just has a camera. It comes in very handy but the shots are low res.

      1. I rarely use my mobile phone, usually only in emergencies. But they are now very useful when traveling…and with a smartphone you can check email in Starbucks while waiting for your next flight. So…

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