Glass, Squared

Today’s Photo 101 assignment, “Glass, Squared” really piqued my interest. I visualized a million and one different ways I’d like to use glass in a photo, but had no equipment at hand to try any of the fancy stuff of my imagination so I headed outside in the late afternoon equipped with a perfume bottle, a camera and a “can do” attitude. The result: some lovely shots, but the perfume bottle had a commercial quality to it that wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

I headed back inside and got the only other interesting piece of glass I could find, which happened to be a gorgeous champagne flute. I was now armed with gorgeous glassware, beautiful afternoon light, my previous “can do” attitude and some water, because the glass must always be at least half-full for a “can do” attitude to work. The result: beyond my wildest imaginations. I got shot after shot of stunning, striking visual treats. The assignment is “Glass, Squared,” however, and I couldn’t figure out what the “squared” part could be, no matter how many times I read the email, so I’m going to pick four images for this post and post them in a square tile gallery. I’ll have to post the other pictures elsewhere.


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