Living on the Edge: An Adventure in the Wilds

I write a lot of things, but most of my novels are action adventures or adventure “fantasies.” This is unsurprising, because adventure is my middle name. Well, not really, but I do go to many places the average person probably won’t dare to see because he/she might suffer an awful fate, like a mosquito bite. This is one of those adventures.

It all started with a goat named Beulah. I won’t bore you with the details, because today’s adventure actually concerns what happened when I spotted this overgrown path while on a Beulah-related mission in a tropical jungle somewhere far away from wherever you might be.

Path - Alignment and edge

Curious, I jumped over the little lip (edge) of mud at the entrance and wandered a little way into the bush.

The path wound its way up a small hill and I could just barely make out something at the top of the hill. That’s what happens when you leave your glasses in the car so they won’t get lost in the bush.

Hill - Edge and Alignment

Every seasoned daring adventurer knows you don’t go tramping around in the bush unless you’re properly armed and I was no exception.

Machete - Edge and Alignment

I held my trusty machete at the ready. Its freshly sharpened blade glinted in the dappled afternoon sun that filtered through the trees. I was ready for life on the edge of a blade.

I continued my trek up the hill, pausing to examine some interesting ruins along the way, figuring I might as well play archaeologist since I was already in the jungle.

Ruin at Hyde Hall = Edge and Alignment Ruin at Hyde Hall - Edge and Alignment

The old house at the top of the hill was now in sight.

Ruin in the cane field at Hyde Hall

The interior of the building was jet black. What kind of building has no windows on the sides facing the sun? I decided to err on the side of caution and crouched in the tall grass so I could survey the area without being observed by prying eyes. (Or, you know, get an establishing shot from a lower angle. Po-tay-to Poh-taa-to.)

I had my trusty, well-used machete at the ready, just in case. I was in a tropical jungle after all. You never know what’s lurking in those places.

Ruin at Hyde Hall

To my surprise, I found something completely unexpected hiding under the grass.

Orchids? on the ground at Hyde Hall

I broke cover and slinked up to the ruined old building, leaving a wake of trampled grass behind me. So much for stealth.

Ruin at Hyde Hall

Yep. It was still pitch black inside the building, even from this close. I was now out of sight of my companions, who hadn’t seen me wandering off on the hidden path. I could just barely make out something inside the building and it was giving me the creeps. Sure, I wanted the shots for my Photo 101 Edge & Alignment assignment, but my momma didn’t raise no fool. I beat it out of there, keeping a tight grip on my trusty old machete.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Path - Edge & Alignment Machete - Edge and alignment

Whew! I made it down the hill and stopped to catch my breath. I looked up and saw this story’s happy ending.

Landscape at Hyde Hall - Edge and Alignment


All the pictures used in this post were shot in the jungle/bush at Hyde Hall and aligned relative to windows, doors, trees, mountains and horizons using PicMonkey’s very intuitive “Rotate” tool.

I was once attacked by a mosquito carrying flesh-eating bacteria – while adventuring in the wilds of London’s Regent’s Park. The mosquitoes in this tropical jungle seem to be much tamer.


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