photo 101 day 6 big and point of view

Photo 101: Big & Point of View

When I first returned to the island, everyone excitedly told me about the incredible wonder that had appeared in the sky in about 2010: a star so big and so bright you could sometimes see it during daylight. A daystar. Imagine that. I was fascinated. I had neither seen nor heard of this phenomenon in London, but when I looked, lo and behold, there it was indeed. I could even see it without my glasses, so big and bright was this star.

Last night, I turned the camera on it for the first time and was surprised to see that it looked a little like the moon, but not really. A planet, maybe? The best explanation I could find was that it might be Jupiter, but this doesn’t look like Jupiter to me. I’ll try taking a photo that isn’t handheld, so I can get a sharper picture. Whatever it is, it sure is BIG.


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