Pop & Color

photo 101 day 11 pop and color 026 tu desire

Photo 101 Day 11: Pop & Color

Today was a birdy sort of day. There were birds everywhere and an object lesson in there somewhere.

First, I tried taking a “pop & color” picture of a bright spray of otaheite apple blossoms and noticed something tiny darting around in the fluffy pink blooms. I’d left my glasses and couldn’t quite make out what the tiny thing was. I shrugged it off as a lizard and forgot about it as the photo was out of focus anyway. I took a picture of bright red lilies set in a garden of green instead, as it was the only other pop of color in the area.

Imagine my surprise when I loaded the photos on my computer and found this:

photo 101 day 11 pop and color 017 lomo

Lesson: Always, always, be prepared. Opportunity really does strike when least expected and the unprepared won’t see what’s right in front of them.

Then, I collapsed onto my sofa, exhausted from what had been an unusually trying day and heard one of the neighbours honking his horn outside. I was too tired to get up, so imagine my shock when someone burst into my living room with an armful of chirping, fluffy, yellow things and carefully thrust them into my lap. Bigs, my cat who went missing last week and is presumed dead, had managed to scare one of my two week old chicks to death the week before he vanished (while someone else was entrusted with taking care of them). Those chicks had been a gift from Nutramix, which is a large producer of all things chicken round “these parts.”

“You lost one, so now we’re giving you another five,” the messenger said gleefully, after giving me the unexpected gift of cute, day-old baby chicks. I tried taking photos of them, but yellow definitely doesn’t do “pop & color.”

Lesson: Bad things do turn out for good. (All things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose).


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