Scale: The Bigness of the Small

photo 101 day 13 scale and weekend 2 020 tu straight

Photo 101 Day 14: Scale & Observation

While strolling along the beach this afternoon, I came across this tiny delight: a shard of reef with a tiny living coral sitting  atop. This was my first experience with live coral. I put the camera down on the sand and pressed the shutter. The result was this beautiful, larger-than-life feast for the eyes. The sea spray on the lens added the misty effect, diffusing the harsh afternoon sunshine and creating a magical end result. I put the little guys (the thing at the bottom is probably alive too) back into the sea and watched the surf pull them away. Hopefully they’ll live to experience another day.

Psalm 115:13

He will bless them that fear the LORD, both small and great.


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