Glass, Squared

photo 101 days 15 & 16 treasure and glass squared 011 tu

Photo 101, Day 17: Glass, Squared

Photos taken through glass always have a slightly magical quality, so I was really looking forward to getting some gorgeous results from the Glass, Squared assignment. However, life got in the way and I ended up scurrying about and trying to find time to get the photo I wanted for Treasure + Close-up. My indoor photos were suffering from poor lighting so I headed outside in the full afternoon sun and resigned myself to taking whatever I got so I could get on with my busy day. Flustered, I took a breather and walked past the louvre windows of one of my rooms. As I looked up, I saw a dreamy scene looking back at me through the clear louvre blades. I pointed the camera at the window and just pressed the shutter.

This is what I captured in that afternoon light – a scene reflected in glass and through glass into the mirror beyond the window and back at me – complexity upon complexity, with the misty beauty of a dream. I love it.


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