Life on the Edge

photo 101 weekend 2 play with light 024 bw

Photo 101, Day 18: Edge & Alignment

What a struggle it has been trying to complete the last three Photo 101 assignments! I was hoping for perfect shots, but instead I got swamped with other things and lost access to my computer. Not to mention the heat! Whew! Anyway, I took lots of photos during the course, so I’ll use those to finish off. If in the meantime I happen across a perfect subject, great!

This is a somewhat sad photo that I had chosen not to use for the “Edge & Alignment” assignment, but have decided to use it anyway, given the circumstances. This is Bitty taking a nap on a ledge that used to be the sole domain of his brother, Bigs, who disappeared a few weeks ago. I think he’s sleeping there in the hope of seeing Bigs again. Ah, life on the bleeding edge of reality can be a very sad place indeed.


3 thoughts on “Life on the Edge

  1. Gosh, Bitty’s story on the edge…heart pull for the guy. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts on the last three days. I thought I was the only one struggling with time and the 3! You post has encouraged me to push on to Triumph!! blessings, denise

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