Triumph & Contrast

moon june 1 019 tu

Photo 101, Day 20: Triumph & Contrast

I was trying to take a non-shaky handheld picture of the moon, which is starting to become an early-month occupation of mine, when Bitty decided to start rubbing himself on the amazingly heavy Tamron 100-300 mm lens. It’s the only lens I own and there’s no tripod, so it does make for interesting pictures. Amid all that rubbing and shaking and fighting for control, the camera shifted down to the white jasmine tree in front of me and, lo and behold, I ended up with this beauty!

I had another example of triumph, and maybe contrast, when going through some of the photos I took for Photo 101. It dawned on me that I had enough interesting material to be able to beautifully tackle my own cover design. I did some research and found Canva, which didn’t exist back before I took a break from writing. It turned out to be just what I was looking for: the perfect match of my photos and gorgeous typography. Here’s what I’ve up with so far:

nothing canva cover

Now, I just need to go finish working on the novel!


2 thoughts on “Triumph & Contrast

  1. Love the photo and especially the book cover!! You are set to go on finishing up your novel!! Talk about Triumph and Contrast! Most people have the “inside” done; you have the outside!! Keep your eye on your fantastic cover and in no time, you’ll be placing something inside!! blessings, denise

    1. LOL! Thanks for the encouragement. I actually have the entire inside done. I’ve had it since 2012, but need to do the rewrites and edits and other non-fun stuff, which is always the hardest part of the journey. I’ll take the inspiration and push through to the end. “Finish it!”

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