Things I Like

Thinking of things I like isn’t a thing I like. It’s just so introspective and personal and so finite and so final! I like so many things. How do I pick a bunch of them for a list? I decided to just do a list of the first 10 things that came to mind. Here they are, in no particular order:
construction 219

  1. My cats, all of them, even the ones life threw at me unexpectedly. The same goes for my goats, big and baby, and all my wonderful feathered friends.
  2. My family; quirks, idiosyncrasies, loudness and all.
  3. Long walks in nature, especially long walks in nature with one goat (not all of them!).
  4. New dresses.
  5. Shoes!
  6. Digging about in the soil and planting things.
  7. Fantasizing about getting a puppy.
  8. Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.
  9. Driving through acres of sugarcane fields and listening to the happy song the cane plants sing in the sunshine.
  10. Taking pictures of all sorts of random things.

What are the things you like?


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