Writing 101, Day 6: The Space to Write

I suppose people who don’t write wonder how the process works for those who do. I used to get asked about my writing habits all the time. It never happens anymore though, quite coincidentally during this same period when I’ve chosen to rest from those labours for a season and seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Do I have a process? I’m not really sure I do. I like to write in calm, peaceful spaces where I can let my thought processes and creativity flow freely without interference from other people’s spirits. When I had that luxury, I was very productive. I have a lot of drafts from the solitary period of my life that need polishing before they can be released into wherever. So, the single most important aspect of my process is peace.

I like to sit anywhere I can get comfortable to write. My last two novels, three books and about three screenplays were written sitting on the floor. In fact, the vast majority of my work was written sitting in a hard spot on the floor. It helps the creative process when I’m not too comfortable. These days, I do most of my writing around a table. It’s a much less productive space due to multiple interruptions, so I mostly blog, since blogging is like writing in staccato. Eventually, I’ll take the blog posts and compile them into a longer format work because I like it when my work functions on multiple platforms. It makes more sense from a business standpoint and I’d like to think it widens my reach.

I used to do most of writing the old-fashioned way, taking a pen and notebook and just scribbling down whatever came into my head. This actually leads to a lot less rework because I have to do the rewrite while typing the whole thing out on a computer. I’ve given up on that for now because people kept taking my notebooks. It gets quite painful to write chapters only to never see them again, so I’ve strictly typed my first drafts on a laptop for the past seven years or so, and I’m careful to back up as often as I can remember.

What do I need and want in a physical space? I need to not be too cold or too hot. I need a few moments alone to think. I need somewhere to rest my back and take breaks. And tea. I want lots of cups of green tea infused with some herb. I like mint and jasmine, or a cup of Earl Grey. After that, it’s me, prayer, God-given inspiration and clacking keys.


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