My Feet: A Sonnet

Writing 101, Day 17: Mine your own material‏

I had a lot of fun using Poetweet to generate poems for today’s assignment. I arbitrarily chose one of the sonnets it generated, as I found the sonnet to be the poem type that works best with my tweets, most of which seem to be blog post headers.

Here is the poetic masterpiece, very slightly adapted from the original to make it make a modicum of sense:

My Feet
by Opoponax Dreams

Weirdest Food You’ve Ever Eaten?
Double up and See the Rotation
Of “Persuasion” by Jane Austen…
Moment & Motion

Glass, Squared
Pictures of Clothes Pins
Easy and ideal if you’re bored.
The dream begins…

Books and a UK-based publisher…
The Space to Write
And water don’t go well together

The Case of the Missing Goat
Meaningful Songs
A Dark Red Rage: Afloat


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