The Fall From Grace

Bonfire - Vertical Aspect

I saw you fall like fire from the sky. My heart wept for you, but my eyes could not cry. Awake in a dream, nay, a vision of the night, I knew you to be something other than an angel of the light. Pathetic fallen thing, death’s pallor in your skin, you lay there broken.

I tried to be your saviour, but my thoughts remain unspoken.

How came this state upon you? Your heart was once a place so true.

I awoke in sorrow, lost in time and space, to find you here, humbled by your fall from grace.

Who pulled your down from your high place in the sky? How did you fall? And why, oh why?

What did I see in this vision of the night? Does it your end portend? Should you shake with fright? Your fate is near, I fear, but still I summon no tear.

I want to tell you I saw you fall like lightning from the sky.Though my heart weeps for you, my eyes yet fail to cry.

Writing 201, Poetry, Skin, Prose Poetry, Internal rhyme (A summary of my dream last night.)


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