Second Sight: A Ballad

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Seven — Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance‏

beach and flowers 015

Second Sight

Those eyes, those innocent eyes
Always caught me by surprise
One night I cried
Something in me died
As I lost myself in those eyes
I found a world of lies

Now these eyes, these guileless eyes
Dream of stars in distant skies
They do not cry
Now I know why
Your eyes hid those lies
I was betrayed by innocent eyes

You may not think of me at all
Someone was there to catch your fall
You never spoke her name
But a crying shame
Was always in your eyes
Your innocent, distant eyes

I soar on the wings of love
High as a lonesome dove
Don’t cry for me
My heart is free
I no longer feel pain
I dance in pouring rain

Tonight I pray for you
That your heart be true
Repent or perish
I still cherish
You enough to wish you heaven
May all your sins be forgiven

May those eyes, those innocent eyes
No longer see a world of lies
May you find favour
With the Saviour
A new heart, sweet innocent eyes
A new home beyond the skies


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