The Cry of Angels: A Sonnet

Writing 201, Poetry, Day 10: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe

photo 101 day 1 home 003

The Cry of Angels

Heark! heark! A sound is in the sky!
What’s that I hear?
Redemption draweth nigh
Come hither, reader dear,
Do you hear those noises?
Answer this, I pray
Is that the sound of angels’ voices?
Are we nearing judgment day?

Are you ready for the coming
Of the eternal reigning King?
Will that sky blast find you running?
Will you lift your voice and sing?
My parting words please cherish
Repent or likewise perish!

I’ve just seen the reports of the shofar-like noises coming from the sky. Such a fun topic for a poem!

I’m so sorry to see Writing 201 end, but I haven’t done all the assignments yet, so there’s more poetry to come. Fun, fun, fun!


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