Warmth & The Quality of Light

photo 101 warmth and the quality of light march 2016 P1080174.jpg

I promised myself I wouldn’t do another fire picture for Photo 101, Day 9: Warmth & the Quality of Light. Instead, I challenged myself to somehow capture the sun’s warmth in a less obvious way.

I was sitting around this afternoon looking at my New Hampshire Reds enjoying a dust bath when the sun peeked from behind the clouds for a moment and hit their amber feathers. I had a Eureka moment as they glowed in the golden sunlight that only appears for a few minutes on the occasional late afternoon. I raced inside for the camera and was rewarded after a short wait when that gorgeous golden light re-emerged for a few seconds just as one of the hens was shaking off the dust.

This photo has all the qualities of fire, but it’s not a fire photo. Hooray! Praise Jesus.


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