Architecture & Monochrome – Modern


architecture and monochrome 2 march 2016 DSCN2145


You were expecting all the monochromatic images to be of completed architecture, weren’t you? I have one of those coming up, but was more fascinated by architecture in progress. I’m intrigued by all the aspects that go into the creation of the final building, from the conceptualizing, to the designing and drawing, to the implementation, including the construction and the final product.

Here the construction crew has gone home for the Easter holidays, leaving roughly constructed ladders lying around. I took this photo looking  out through the unfinished window at the beautiful view of the moon in the night sky. I love the look of the concrete wall juxtaposed against the genteel beauty of the Corinthian column and offset by the rustic wood of the handmade ladders and the logwood shore.

This is architecture at its most primal, before the finishes hide all that went on to make the architect’s vision reality.


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