Moment & Motion (Subtle)

photo 101 moment and motion march 2019 P1080239

I spent a portion of yesterday’s hot early afternoon with camera in hand chasing after birds, men on motorcycles, women with beautiful Chinese parasols (must revisit that) and pretty much everything that crossed my path in a desperate attempt to get a motion shot with some proper motion blur.

I ended up with two unexpected things: an eye that still feels weird from some strange effect of bright sunlight coming into the viewfinder through the lens and this photo of a blackbird perched amid the striking yellow-green leaves of a grapefruit tree bathed in sunshine.

My first thought on seeing the photo was, “That blackbird sure is black!” I was initially disappointed by the lack of motion in the photograph until I looked more closely at that really black blackbird and noticed that he/she is sharply outlined, but the leaves are ever so slightly fuzzy and out of focus. It was indeed a Moment & Motion shot, just very subtle. I’d managed to capture the shaking of the leaves, rather than the motion of the blackbird perching amidst them.

Subtle is beautiful.

Photo 101, Day Thirteen: Moment & Motion. Find out more about this endangered bird here.

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