Architecture & Monochrome – Historic

architecture in monochrome 1 mar 2016 DSCN2042
The St. Ann’s Bay clock, built in 1814

This clock is older than Big Ben, but not quite as famous.

This is a photo of the clock in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, which was purportedly built in the UK in 1814 and imported into Jamaica at a later date. It sits some way across from the old police station building, both apparently flanking an area of importance during the slave trade in the Caribbean. The clock is said to keep perfect time, as it has it’s own timekeeping caretaker.

I was delighted to see the clock up close, although it took a fair amount of walking over rolling hills to get to it. The town is somewhat congested and power lines everywhere pose a challenge for getting clear photos of the clock tower, hence the odd angle of the photo.


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