Landscape – Foothills of the Cockpit Country

landscape cockpit country march 2015 DSCN2192
A brow-of-the-hill view of some of the lower mountains of the Cockpit Country, looking northwards from Stonage to Cockburn Pen

Today’s landscape photograph for Photo 101, Day 15: Landscape & Cropping is of one of the most diverse and, until last week, most inaccessible places on earth: the Cockpit Country, Jamaica.

I went on an unplanned and unlikely journey into the unknown, curious to see what I could see and hoping to capture some of its legendary beauty on camera. Unplanned is the key word here, as unplanned quickly turned to unprepared for the realities of lugging a camera and bag/boots/water plus my currently less-than-fully fit and less-than-slender self up the steep inclines of the mountainsides in the searing midday heat, even though it’s March.

I managed to get this shot on the way back down, as there was much less huffing and puffing involved in the descent and I could use some of my precious energy to take a few photos. I managed to capture a few photos of some of the most endangered butterflies on earth during this trip. I have to recover from today’s trip, so those will be covered in a subsequent blog post, D.V.

Enjoy the Easter holidays and remember to reflect on the meaning of Christ’s crucifixion.



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