The Edge, Where Cross Meets Sky

edge and alignment march 2016 107.jpg
Lowe River United Church, Trelawny, Jamaica

This is the tower that flanks the entrance of the Lowe River United Church. The crosses atop the church immediately caught my eye as we made the sharp turn leading up to the church grounds and I knew I was going to have to photograph them, even if it meant crashing a wedding and contorting myself on a dangerously slippery slope.

Mission accomplished, and well worth the effort, if I do say so myself.

The church sits atop what seems to be a very high hill, but which I suspect to be a mountain peak, in the dizzying heights of the Cockpit Country. The crosses don’t just appear to touch the sky. The clouds do indeed cover the top of the building during the afternoon rains.

The churchyard contains several graves with very elaborate gravestones, clearly the work of at least one very gifted artisan. There was also one grave with a rusted metal cross on it that just totally creeped me out, so I took no pictures of those.

I found no information on the history of the church or its architecture. I’m guessing from the concrete slab design that the building itself isn’t particularly old, but the crumbling gravestones do make me wonder. The crosses also piqued my curiosity. The most I could come up with is that they seem to be of Celtic design, but again, don’t seem very old. How odd.

Photo 101, Day 18: Edge & Alignment


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