Triumph & Contrast

triumph and contrast march 2016 DSCN2217.jpg

God only knows what a day it’s been, but I have a policy of finding a single good thing from each day to celebrate as my “little victory” aka a triumph. No day lacks one.

We’ve  been without running water for days, with no end to this plight in sight. After spending literally the whole day seeking water, carrying jugs and jugs of water and generally obsessing about water, my triumph for today is quite simply that  I was able to take a photo at all. I’m dead tired, but I don’t want to miss the last day of Photo 101. I dropped some very thirsty (read: wilted) flowers into my hard won water, took a photo, twiddled the settings a bit, et voila, “Triumph & Contrast!” Hallelujah!

(I’ll post a different photo when I’ve had some rest, D.V.).

Photo 101, Day 20: Triumph & Contrast



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