WPC: Tour Guide (Please Don’t Stalk Me)

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Tour Guide.


I’m sitting here smiling at the timing of today’s WPC, whose topic is basically, “Show Us Where You Live.” Erm, yeah. How does one tactfully address such a challenge without endangering oneself and voiding your insurance? Kiddies, never post your current whereabouts on social media. Is that even possible, what with location data embedded in photos and all that modern jazz? This certainly is the age of uncertainty. This challenge calls for multiple photos, so please, you’ll recognize some of the locations, but just don’t turn this weird, okay.

Tour Guide mode ON.


I spent most of today in the breathtakingly beautiful city of Montego Bay. This first photo was taken in the early afternoon with my modest Android phone, but great beauty doesn’t need a fancy camera. Who can help but feel relaxed in a place like this? The place was full of tourists, but still calm and peaceful.


A little further down the road, there’s this beach.


Since we seem to be working in reverse chronological order here, I found this imposing silk cotton tree/clothes stall inside the building where I had lunch. No, I won’t say where, except to say that it’s in Montego Bay,  but the food was delicious.



When I’m really in the mood for some inspiration, I head east, to Duncan’s Bay. Again, another bay. These places are great for the soul. I recommend living as close to one as possible, except in hurricane season. 🤦

Speaking of hurricanes, this island living isn’t always the paradise it’s made out to be. Some days you encounter scenes like this:


Fortunately, those days are rare.

So concludes today’s little tour. I hope you had fun and I’ll see you again soon.

Be blessed.

P. S. : There are more photos along the same line here, Where My Feet Have Trod, all of which I believe were shot in Trelawny, Jamaica.

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