Out of This World

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, “Out of this World.”


clouds and fire eclipse

Three guesses what my “Out of this World” submission is?

I really like this week’s photo challenge, which is to photograph a landscape/object/scene that has an otherworldy sci fi vibe to it. Now, that’s challenging. I’m guessing the submissions will feature loads of salt flats and mud flats, because that’s about all I recall seeing on Your Shot whenever they issue these types of challenges. Ergo, I decided to focus on more elemental aspects with a literal tie-in to out of this world events.

My photo shows the reflection of the sun and sky in a bucket of water at the high point of the solar eclipse that took place on August 21, 2017. The blinding fire of the sun’s flares is superimposed on mesmerizing flames from a bonfire. I like the result. I’m really loving the contrast between the light and the dark. So metaphorical. The eclipse represents out of this world events to me as I view it in light of all the other celestial events of the past few years that seem to be syncing up with the prophecies in Matthew 24. We live in interesting times.

Oh, I didn’t actually see the eclipse as I had no glasses, so this was as close as I got. Still awesome.

It’s Wednesday, so today’s book launch is the paperback for Dark Matter (Basic Nuclear Physics – How to Trigger the Apocalypse While Doing Nothing Special)”. Please check it out. It’s actually hard sci, despite the textbooky-sounding subtitle, and definitely out of this world. Thank you.

Be blessed.


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