Wrapping Up Summer in Island Glam Style

Hello lovelies!

It’s September and the summer is starting to wind down, even here on the island of forever summer.

It’s raining today, which is kind of awesome because summer afternoon lightning really puts on a show! I’m lazing around on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon with lightning and thunder really going for it and rain pelting down the place when I feel an urge to really capture the essence of summer. Inspiration struck.

So, with much further ado and a lot of fanfare, I present my Island Glam sandal design. It’s currently available for pre-order for a limited edition run. It’s so limited that the production run won’t even happen without the first seven pre-orders. These are so nice, butter soft Italian suede/leather handcrafted in Italy, yet stiĺl capturing my laid-back Island vibe. I’ve already ordered mine and the design has already received an editor’s choice award. It’s like a novel, but for your feet, because your style also tells a story. 🙄

Be blessed.


The team was blown away by your Unisex sport design, Island Glam, and is so excited to see how it resonates with customers. A very unique Stripe sandal indeed!
Your branding is on point, great logo and amazing box design too.

Your fashion glam style is innovative and fashion forward, as well as unique. Loving the color combo with the black suede and the tabacco suede, sapient use of leather materials and suede.

We Love it. We can really see the start of a shoe line that people from all walks of life will want to wear.

Amazing work!

LUISA (Design Head)

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