nothing canva cover

  • Out of the Blue - Serendipity. Life can change in an instant. In fact, most life changes take less than a moment. You’re in one state and then you are in another state and there really is no transition, no connecting element, just one NOW becoming another NOW. Yes, I was adjunct to a multi vehicle collision this week and […]
  • HEALING - I’m still working on my upcoming novel, “Nothing.” The end is in sight and launch day draws ever closer. Here’s the quote I found most inspiring from the manuscript today. I hope you enjoy it too. Be blessed. ­čą░
  • Treasured Illusions - I’m still putting the finishing touches on my upcoming Sci Fi/Fantasy, really Fantasy/Sci Fi, novel, “Nothing.” Here’s a titular quote about our autonomy. How much control do you think you actually have over yourself, your experiences and the world around you?
  • HUNGER - I’m currently on a diet/lifestyle change in an attempt to improve my health, so it comes as no surprise that hunger is a subject on my mind these days. Here’s a thought on hunger from my upcoming novel, “NOTHING.” Are you currently making lifestyle changes? I’d love to hear your tips. Be blessed.
  • A COLD CARESS - I want to know the warmth of love, not the cold caress of objectification.
  • Quotes Pulled From “NOTHING” - Quotes and pre-orders
  • Out of This World - In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, “Out of this World.”   Three guesses what my “Out of this World” submission is? I really like this week’s photo challenge, which is to photograph a landscape/object/scene that has an otherworldy sci fi vibe to it. Now, that’s challenging. I’m guessing the submissions will feature […]
  • “Bethnal Green” Book Launch and Giveaway - It’s the weekend! What better way to kick off a weekend than with a book launch? That’s right, another book launch. We’re going for the record. I’m launching “Bethnal Green” on Kindle right now and to celebrate, it’s free from 12 AM on the 23rd until 11:59 PM on the 25th (PST). That’s 3 AM […]
  • WPC: A Face in the Crowd - In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, “A Face in the Crowd” This is one of my favourite shots and it perfectly fits today’s challenge as there is only one face visible in the crowd. These men seem simple at a glance, but are amazing super-humans that the world simply hasn’t discovered yet. […]
  • On Gifts & The Turmoil Within - Good morning! My best wishes at the start of another week. Last night in church I spoke on the matter of asking God for guidance in the use of existing gifts and requesting new gifts for the new year, so I’m encouraging you, dear reader, to step out boldly in your old and new gifts […]

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